Everything is Now

Hosted by Tony Bear 10-05-2016

Who said seven inches isn't enough? ..well, it certainly wasn't me. 'EiN' for the 10th May 2016 is comprised almost entirely of dusty, grubby, greasy and smelly 7" singles. (N.B. there are a couple of 12"s and album tracks craftily included as a get-out clause to mitigate the inevitable hipster allegations.) So bust open a can of pop, grab yourself some crisps, find your ass a comfortable bean bag, turn up the stereo and have a listen to the tunes, please, as I really need the stats.

Music from Jerry Lee Lewis, The Shadows, Don Fardon, Otis Redding & Carla Thomas, Teresa Brewer, Wizzard, The Banned, Extended Family, Liquid Liquid/Psychonauts, Santana, The Imperials, Mother's Finest, Stevie Wonder, The Selecter and Ruby Winters.

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