Chester Aid to The Homeless

Flipside Radio was at Chester Aid To The Homeless (CATH) day centre today (Oct 6th 16), delivering a radio skills session for CATH’s clients and volunteers.

John, a client at CATH, took to the microphone to interview staff and volunteers during the session.

Listen to clips from the session below

“A lot of people are scared of homeless people because they can see themselves there..."

John talks to Jamie a staff member at CATH. Jamie talks about the work he does in his role with CATH and reflects on his experiences in working in homeless services.

John talks to Chester Aid to the Homeless volunteer Carol about the work she does at the centre.

John interviews Rob, day centre manager and team member at Chester Aid to The Homeless.

Chester Aid to The Homeless is charity that provides advice, support, care and accommodation, homeless and vulnerably housed people.

To find out more about the work they do visit their facebook page.