'Class of The Year' Flipside Students win Award

As a part of the national ‘Festival of Learning’ celebrations, Community Learning in Cheshire, held a celebration of learning event at Hoole Community Centre.  The purpose of the event was to celebrate and recognise the achievements of people who have participated in community learning and training across Cheshire.

Earlier this year, Flipside Radio ran an 'Essential Broadcasting Skills' course, supported by ''Community Learning in Cheshire'. The group who took course won the ‘Class of The Year’ award which was presented to them at the event.  

On the course the group – who are Angela Ferguson, Scott Hole, Chris Lynes, Tony O’Leary, Jemma Ashford, Terena McGarr and Jean Smith -worked together in teams, to produce and present community radio programmes. All bar one learner had zero radio experience prior to doing the course.

During the course they each developed skills in interviewing, presenting, operating equipment, planning and production and much more. All of the learners really through themselves into the course and embraced it.

Most of them were extremely nervous about talking on the mic and interviewing people but they pushed themselves and did it anyway.

In week one two of the learnerswere literally shakingwhen in the studio, but by week three they were booking out equipment form the studio and recording vox pop and interviews with members of the public in the city centre. Lots of learning and activities took place outside of the class room and the guided learning hours initiated by the learners.

The group worked brilliantly as a team throughout the course. They also tackled local / community topics / issues in their radio shows, such as the Storyhouse development, busking in Chester and the junior doctors strike. 

Well done to all them and a big thanks also to Asma Khurram and Isabella Crowther for their contributions.   

Listen to the radio shows they produced below.

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Scott Hole, Tony O' Leary, Angela Ferguson and Asma Khurram bring us chat and discussion on Chester's new cultural centre, Storyhouse. The show features guest interviews with Tony Chester and Ian Poulsten Davies as well as views on Storyhouse from local residents. There is also a fabulous playlist of music from local artists including, Texas Banjo Massacre, Isabella Crowther, Jack of The Suburbs, The Glendale Family and more.

Dog Rogers, Terena McGarr , Jemma Ashford and Chris Lynes bring us a fantastic mix of music and topical chat. The show Features an interview with Jean Smith on the junior doctors strikes, a feature on Chester buskers from Jemma and Terena, an entertainment guide from Chris and live performance from Isabella Crowther.